River Jet University | White Water Training | One on One Instruction

Launch to Takeout - Ocean to Upper River Reaches
Low Speed Maneuvering, power management
White Water Navigation
Environmental Responsibilities, fuel economy, etc.
River Etiquette - awareness - sensitivity to other river users, anticipation, etc.
Rules of the Road, boating conduct
Reading river water and understanding currents
Tour Boat scheduling and expectations (if applicable)
Wild, Scenic and Recreational section diversities
Upstream Vs. Downstream, shallow water situations
Logistics and changes, varying river levels
All Safety aspects and equipment, communications
Weather, terrain, wind, fog, sun glare, etc.
Workings - basics of Jet Boats, loading, carrying capacities, balance, bow pivot, mechanical, trouble shooting, miscellaneous variables


A three day minimum is suggested for safe service and Jet Boat operation.

White Water Training
River Jet University

Following an established schedule, I can also be available for consulting any time
for summer 'refresher courses' lower water changes, conditions and updates, etc.